Digital Forensics

At 12 Points Technologies our forensics investigations are conducted using methodical processes to ensure the data can be gathered, analyzed, preserved and reported on in accordance with applicable state and/or federal laws.

Digital Forensics Are A Critical Component

Cyber security programs today are facing increased risks from new global threats and the evolution of cyber attack methods. Attackers are adopting new sophisticated tools, techniques and encryption methods to bypass security controls, evade monitoring tools, hide files on disk and cover their tracks to avoid detection.

These new risks have given rise to the science of Digital Forensics quickly becoming a critical component any mature Cyber Security Program. Highly skilled and trained Digital Forensic Analysts are required to collect, examine, analyze, correlate and report accurate findings. Expert analysis can help reduce the costs of incidents by identifying the root cause and providing solutions and remediation steps to prevent future incidents.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is the science of recovering and investigating electronic data stored on digital devices. A Digital Forensic analysts require knowledge on how network intrusions occur, how various logs are created, what is electronic evidence, how electronic artifacts are forensically gathered, and the ability to analyze data to produce comprehensive reports.

Our Forensic Analysts are trained to gather digital evidence to assist our clients in eDiscovery, Computer Forensics, Cyber Incident Response, Threat Attribution and Expert Witnesses. We use industry leading tools and techniques to find, recover and reconstruct digital data.

What We Do

Recover data from live, offline or damaged operating systems and hardware. Including deleted, damaged or encrypted folders, documents, emails, databases, images, registry data, log files, internet history and metadata.

Keyword searches of media to discover hidden data in files, unallocated disk and slack space


Document Authentication by analyzing documents and metadata for creation dates, different authors and document revisions.


Forensic duplication of media to prevent modification of originals.

Preservation of original media for long-term storage and retrieval.

Recover and reconstruct hidden and encrypted pornographic images.


Investigate and analyze all forms of malware to identify the type, activity and origins of the malicious software.


Consult with clients on interpreting findings.

Clear and concise reporting of findings in layman’s terms.


Provide expert testimony for depositions and trials.

Use forensic analysis to produce declarations, affidavits and other legal reports used to support or refute hypothesis before criminal and civil courts.

Analyze injured party’s devices for artifacts and evidence of damage by the defendant and/or analyze defendant’s devices for artifacts and evidence of their innocence.

Analyze individual user activities, internet history, network access, documents and metadata to build a complete chronological timeline. Analysis used to confirm alibis and statements, attribute evidence to specific users and determine intent.

Password Cracking.

Regain access to protected systems.

Shawn Kasal is my go to resource for digital forensics. Whether it be a simple review of new technologies or a complex analysis of governmental surveillance techniques, Shawn Kasal has provided invaluable insight and skill. His services level the playing field and help protect my clients’ Constitutional Rights.

Joe Howard

Dornan, Lustgarten & Troia PC LLO

I worked a significant federal case with Mr. Kasal. He was able to use his expertise to evaluate literally hundreds of thousands of computer files that I would not have been able to evaluate in any other way. The prosecution threw us a few curve balls at the time of trial, and by using Mr. Kasal’s expertise we were able to effectively cross examination witnesses and refute surprise evidence. Because of Mr. Kasal we were able to give our client the most effective representation possible. I would hire Mr. Kasal again in a millisecond.

Wesley Dodge

Defense attorney in Omaha, NE

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