Cyber Security

12 Points Technologies strategic approach combines proven security methods along with the latest threat intelligence to deliver customized cyber security solutions.

Stop Attacks

In the overwhelming sea of information, access to timely, insightful and independent open-source intelligence (OSINT) analyses is crucial for maintaining the necessary situational awareness to stay on the top of emerging security threats. Our security solutions are designed to catch and stop bad actors at the earliest possible point of attack.

Security and Network Integration

Our customized Security and Network Integration solutions are designed to ensure security is built into your infrastructure. Combining security and networking into an integrated process creates a multi-layered defense to protect critical infrastructure from new and emerging threats. It’s essential to create a multi-layered approach to detect, identify and stop threats at the earliest possible point.

Our team of experts will analyze, develop and build a customized solution using industry best practices and proven technologies. The proper design of security products, firewalls, and network devices combined with routine maintenance, monitoring and security assessments are essential to protecting your company infrastructure.

Security Assessment

Security Assessments are the best way to analyze and measure your overall security posture. Our security professionals are trained and certified to think like the “Bad Guys” . We analyze and evaluate your physical and logical networks for vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by internal and external threats.

Defending your networks against attacks requires understanding the motivation and competencies of your adversaries and the strategies and solutions to counter them. The Security Assessment provides our clients with actionable intelligence to close the identified security gaps in your networks and protect critical infrastructure and resources.

Incident Management

The average security breach in 2014 took 205 days to discover. Implementing a comprehensive and effective Incident Management plan is critical for protecting your business in the digital age. You need a strategic plan, along with a team of experts that can quickly identify, classify and contain a Incident when it occurs.

12 Points Technologies has a staff of network, security and forensic experts that can work together to develop and build a robust and effective Incident Management plan. Without a thorough plan and experts to carry out that plan you run the real risk of data loss, increased costs, legal and compliance issues and loss of reputation in the market place.

12 Points Technologies Copyright © All rights reserved

12 Points Technologies Copyright © All rights reserved